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May 31, 2013
by Mark
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Guidelines for Upholstery and Couch Cleaning

clean couchFurniture is expensive, particularly if it is upholstered.  Having a couch, chair, sofa, or loveseat that looks clean offers a welcoming spirit in the home.  Over time, couch will accumulate dirt and turn dull and dirty.  This thing normally happens but don’t ever give up. You are not supposed to buy furniture covers to hide those unwanted dirt and stains.  Appropriate couch cleaning will help maintain your upholstered furniture look new again.

It can be frustrating if members of the family continue to spill drinks and food on your couch.  They step on the couch with dirty shoes or even tear the fabric. However, it is not impossible to maintain the freshness of your upholstery. So here are the guidelines to follow:

Cleaning Guidelines

1. Check the kind of fabric

This is the first step for cleaning any kind of couch, carpet or upholstered furniture. Have the initial check of the type of fabric.  If the material is synthetic like nylon, polyester, or acrylic, then the material is safe for cleaning.  But, if the material is natural fabric, natural/synthetic blend, or poly/cotton, then have a spot testing first.  You need to try a small portion of the fabric to know if the product is safe to use or not.  Test, to find out it won’t smear, bleach, or destroy the fabric.  If the couch is 50% cotton, then professional cleaning for upholstery is the best option. This is true especially when removing big stains or the overall couch dirt.

2. Act immediately

Stains are fast to clean and remove when they are still fresh, so do something right away for the stain. Regardless of the kind of stain, the longer it sits in, the more difficult it is to treat.  Moisture is not good when you have couch or upholstery cleaning, so use little water as much as possible.  Use also a certain cleaner for better result.  Sanitary or baby wipes are significant for stain cleaning because they have soap and water and they vaporize fast.

3. Vacuum it often

It is the rule for cleaning fabric to vacuum it regularly.  So vacuum well down the back and cushions of your couch as often as you can.  Use brush that are soft and safe for fabrics.  Brush can loose dirt and soil.  Vacuum also has special attachments to use in reaching small corners of the couch.   Doing it often reduces the overall soiling and grime of the couch.  Vacuuming is beneficial if there are pets in your home and someone in the family has allergy.

4. Cleaning ink stains

Everyone has a pen that can mark the couch with ink, but how can this be removed?  Use a sprayhair and spray it no the clean towel then dab it on the ink stain. Dry and blot that stain with towel soaked in rubbing alcohol. Dry it again and put nail polish remover or acetone using clean towel.

5. Cleaning grease and oil

Couch receives grease and oil through the food you put on top of the couch when watching TV. For these stains, sprinkle baby powder, salt, or corn starch immediately.  Rub the stains carefully to absorb much of the grease and oil. When it turned dry, brush off the powder and all the grease dirt.  Finally, wipe the couch using a damp cloth.

Keep in mind that the secret to upholstery and couch cleaning is using the right method. Always have a check on the fabric and if in doubts, seek the advice of the nearest carpet cleaning provider in your local area.


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April 20, 2013
by Mark
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What to Get from Carpet Cleaning Vancouver?

Many companies claim to be the best contractors for carpet cleaning, but it’s not easy to say which one is really best.  In Canada, many people recommend Pacific Mist for Carpet Cleaning Surrey services.  Their services are well-known in the area for quality work and customer service.

For some homeowners, carpet cleaning is not really a big deal.  However, the effort is significant in maintaining the house dust-free and germ-free.  The role of a professional carpet cleaner Continue Reading →

April 4, 2013
by Mark

Carpet Cleaning Business for Sale

So you are looking to for a Carpet Cleaning Business for Sale? There are some any factors that will influence the success of a cleaning business. Setup cost, existing customers, ongoing costs, advertising. Can you really make money from a carpet cleaning business?

You sure can!  Easily if you know what you’re doing or got some insider tips. Continue Reading →

March 25, 2013
by Mark

How to do Home Curtain Cleaning without Destroying Them

curtain cleaningNice curtains improve the ambience and the appearance of one’s home.  They enhance the living room, bed room, and every part of the house.  Creativity and artistic interest of the people living in the house is displayed through decorative curtains.

However, once curtains get soiled and create unclean smell, appearance starts to change.  What curtains need is cleaning and washing to restore their beauty and attractiveness.  Proper way of cleaning is done with specific guidelines to ensure you are not destroying the fabric. Continue Reading →

March 21, 2013
by Mark

Leather Cleaning: Tips on Car Seat Cover Cleaning

leather car seat cleaningHigh-end car manufacturers install leather seat cover on car to make it perfectly sophisticated in look. Leather is a porous natural material.  It can easily absorb perspiration, odor, dirt, oil, and grime.  If proper care and cleaning are not given the leather seat will prematurely look ugly and old.  There are two essential elements that may damage the leather seat—heat and sunlight.  Both will quickly result to damage causing the leather to crack or fray.  Therefore it needs careful handling and maintenance to keep the appearance always fresh.

Leather cleaning for the car seat depends on how often you drive the car and how long it is exposed to the sun. With these elements, you can decide to have your leather seat cleaned after three months.  This helps in retaining the good quality and appearance of the leather.  It needs attention and care otherwise it gets damaged if proper cleaning is not maintained.  If you have time constraints and you are not able to do the cleaning, then the role of specialist services can be relied on.

Cleaning Car Seats in Your House

  1. To get you started, you should begin the task by vacuuming entirely the interior part of the car.
  2. Get a sponge or white cloth.  Dip it into the water.  Wipe off the dirt, filth and residue you see on the seat.  Then with the clean towel, dry the surface of the leather.
  3. When you use leather cleaner, try it first on the hidden part of the seat. Use the sponge with the cleaner to be able to produce foam.  It is necessary to keep this foam for about 12 minutes before wiping it away using dry towel.
  4. After testing the area, leave it for 24 hours.  Go back and observe if there is staining.  If the leather’s color has not changed, then use that leather cleaner for the rest of the car seats.
  5. Do again the third step, this time on the bigger portion.  Always be sure that the foam will sit for twelve minutes and then wipe it off with a towel.
  6. Clean the surface areas of the leather including leather trim present in the car’s interior.  After testing the leather cleaner, repeat the same procedure to the hard stain of the car’s seat.
  7. Use leather moisturizer.    You may also spray the moisturizer on the leather sunscreen to have protective cover against dirt and dryness caused by the sun.

Some Cautions to Remember:

  1. When choosing a leather cleaning chemical, use only the ones recommended by the car manufacturer.  You may call up the dealer and get advice on the best product to use. Car companies produce leather seats made of the animal’s skin, and each kind of leather has a special type of cleaner.
  2. Don’t buy and use a cleaner that is wax-based or oil-based, or anything that has salt or acid content. Those ingredients are very harmful and will only destroy the car’s seats.  As needed, mix your own solution using 2 parts of linseed oil and 1 part of vinegar.

In time, the interior part of the car will eventually diminish.  That is why car seats, especially the leather ones, need early care to prolong its attractiveness and usefulness.  Cleaning can be accomplished in home using the above tips but carefulness is always needed in accomplishing the task.

March 15, 2013
by Mark

Commercial Office Cleaning: How It Should Be Accomplished?

window cleaningIn every type of business it is necessary to maintain a clean and organized workplace.  Whether the business is a restaurant, hotel, school, commercial office, including residential homes, there is a required cleaning method for all.  When it comes to big sizes, it is often done by hired experienced cleaners to keep all things clean and in good order.  When the size is just small, two staff members can manage the cleaning for an hour or two.  It is done probably before or after working hours.  But if the area is a commercial office, simple cleaning is certainly not possible.  The best advice is to hire a commercial cleaning provider to handle the huge job.

In commercial spaces, there are many areas that need attention and various cleaning tasks to accomplish.  They include cleaning of windows, vacuuming the carpets, sweeping and polishing surfaces, cleaning pantries and restrooms, and a lot more.  A big commercial office most likely has several rooms or wide spaces that need regular cleaning.  Cleaning services from professionals can provide the right trained workers to make sure all jobs are satisfactorily completed.

There are many office cleaning services found everywhere. The nature of job specializes in thorough cleanliness where the workers have gained years of experience.  These workers are needed to properly manage the areas that are dirty and unhygienic. Each of the clients has own inclinations as far as cleaning is concerned.  A contract for a commercial cleaning offers the clients the excellent service suitable for them.  Cleaning of workplaces is available during and after office hours and applicable to both large and small businesses.

In addition to knowledge and experience, professionals also use the modern equipment, solutions, and tools which may be exclusively available in their company.  Each cleaning company has its typical tools and materials in obtaining the job.

If you always keep your space clean and tidy, your business itself will receive promotion.  It is proven that employees and clients are more capable of focusing on something when put in a comfortable environment.  Reliable contractors will get rid of the garbage, bad odour, or cluttered stuffs everywhere.  They make the area conducive for working.  Airy and bright spaces help the people to work more productively and efficiently.  On the other hand, unclean areas cause people to be more disorganized and tend to work slowly.  So hiring a company that will refresh the workplace is very important, especially for areas where offices are expected to have welcoming spirit.

If you need professional services to handle the cleaning of your area, get enough information from friends or through online search.  This means there are a lot of alternatives to see and learn before hiring a contractor.  With enough time and a bit of effort, you will always find the best office cleaning provider.   You will get services from fully-trained individuals to make sure there is a guaranteed excellent job.

March 9, 2013
by Mark

Brisbane Carpet Cleaners: Choosing Professionals to Clean Your Carpets

local carpet cleaningEvery homeowner wants to have money savings on cleaning activities, one of which is the carpet cleaning.  Residents want their floor coverings completely cleaned and brought back to their original condition.  Mostly, clean-it-yourself work will not give the best result.  No matter how hard you wash your carpets, there will always be left over particles that remain.  With a reasonable amount to pay, you can have the carpet clean again, this time by a professional.  So there’s no need to spend all your time perfecting your cleaning.  Professionals have their own effective techniques of dealing even with the most stubborn stain.

It is recommended to call the attention of experienced workers with special knowledge on carpet cleaning.  Finding the best cleaning provider is not simple.  Hence, it is important to do a careful research and assess the contractor’s capability to do carpet cleaning.

Brisbane has a range of professional selections necessary to search for the best contractor.  What factors can you use to assess the capability of the company?  Consider the chemicals and the kind of machine they use.  Take account also the price and the scope of work to be rendered.  Be sure you fully understand all the expectations before you get frustrated or surprised.

Lots of people are concerned about the cleaning materials, substances, and methods applied.  Some people suffer from asthma, allergies, and other concerns.  Some want to provide safety for their kids and house pets.  Others want the organic substances that are friendly to the surroundings or some personal reasons.  There are alternatives for carpet cleaning.  Price is important to consider when you want professional services.  Brisbane has a lot of companies around with prices that are highly competitive.   Estimated amount will be based on the assessment of the carpet cleaning.  Some firms offer a package price for each house or room.

Also, be careful when you are offered with discounts, coupons, including other special deals.  Although many Brisbane carpet cleaning companies are trusted there are a number which do not perform high quality work.  Then later you only discover unusual problems that increase the rate.  Paperwork can lead to expired coupons, missed rebates, and other possible problems.

These days, not all companies in Brisbane provide excellent carpet cleaning services.  So people should be a little bit choosy.  Check out many companies and learn their individual techniques they practice.  Consider the reputation they earned and the kind of services they can offer.  You can compare quotes and the scope of services to easily decide for the best carpet cleaning Brisbane company.

After choosing the right company, arrange for their services, and arrange the carpet for cleaning.  Homeowners must be ready to tell the carpet issues like spills, stains, high traffic areas, and damaged portions.  Others may require special treatment to guarantee the best results.

March 7, 2013
by Mark

Upholstery Tips on Leather Cleaning

leather loungeLeather is a special material produced generally from the skin of animals.  It is very popular among diverse products because of the durability, style, and elegance it gives.  Progressively more products are made of leather and one of them is the leather furniture.  Due to the seemingly sophisticated look, people tend to purchase furniture made from leather. Cleaning them has always been a routine in home chores.

Regardless of the quality of leather, with consistent exposure and use, it will be subject to wear and tear.  Later it loses its attraction and sheen.  With this, leather quality gets degraded. Tips on home will highlight the value of proper leather cleaning.

Prior to cleaning, always determine the kind of leather you will be dealing with.  Majority of the leather furniture needs superior care to maintain its finest look. Consistent dusting of the leather is the easiest way to apply cleaning.  Also, you can clean the highly-used areas with wet cloth.  For areas that are difficult to reach, you can attach soft brush and use it in vacuuming.

When soap is used, choose the mild one which is oil-free because it works best on leather furniture.  Do not use hard cleansers because this will only cause damage.  When removing stains, make sure you use only chemical-free solutions.  Many products are especially designed for leather use only.  Check out carefully the right product to buy. Continue Reading →

March 6, 2013
by Mark

Mattress Cleaning: Keeping Your Beddings Free From Bugs and Dust Mites

dust mitesHow good it is to go to bed and sleep following a long day’s exhausting job! However, can you comfortably rest if your skin is itchy and you keep on scratching? Without awareness, plenty of dust mites can be present on your mattress.

Annoying skin itchiness and allergy are common skin problems.  Often, bed bugs and dust mites are the sources of this uncomfortable feeling. Some people use insect sprays to kill bugs and mites to permanently remove them.  But this way only gets rid of the insects found on the surface of the mattress.  Spraying eliminates temporarily those creatures leaving unhealthy smell inside the room.  Specialty bug sprays can only treat the insects lightly because the treatment is not long-term.

Unfortunately, mites and bed bugs go into the deepest part of the mattress.  Killing only those hiding on surface area is not even solving the problem.  Other dust mites will go again on the surface and bite your skin.  Thorough cleaning should be accomplished.

Mites and the Cold Season

Due to the cold season, mattress cleaning is very important. Often, bugs thrive on mattress making it their home.  Human skin becomes their food, unfortunately.  Because of cold weather, things become moistened which, of course, include bed mattress.  Fungus and bugs are attracted to dampness where they grow rapidly in number and become threat to the people. Continue Reading →

March 5, 2013
by Mark

Carpet Stain Removal: What to Do When Carpets Have Stains?

great clean carpetSpills and accidents are unavoidable but the problem can be solved, sometimes even without the support of a carpet professional cleaner.  If there are spills on your carpet, fast action is important to avoid the formation of stains.  Always get ready to have what you need and the knowledge on what to do.

Although removal of stain can be fundamental, it can save you some of the expensive stain removal products to buy.  Sadly, there is really no guarantee for thorough removal of stains.  Still the services of a skilful cleaner can be counted on for best results.

Here are some types of stains commonly found on carpets.  Learn how to clean them to avoid the unpleasant effects on your carpets: Continue Reading →