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So you are looking to for a Carpet Cleaning Business for Sale? There are some any factors that will influence the success of a cleaning business. Setup cost, existing customers, ongoing costs, advertising. Can you really make money from a carpet cleaning business?

You sure can!  Easily if you know what you’re doing or got some insider tips.

You can make good money, if not great money!

Any cleaning or carpet cleaning business can do it! You just need to know how to do it!

But on top of this you want to do the big jobs that pay big dollars on time! You don’t want to be having to follow up on an outstanding accounts! That’s how your cleaning business will fail! Cash flow and big jobs that will not kill you to complete! That what your want!

Carpet Cleaning Business for Sale Going Cheap

carpet cleaning business for sale

I’m sure you have seen the carpet cleaning business for sale that includes a van and equipment and has great cash flow and revenue! But do you really want to take out finance to buy such a business!

Secrets of the Carpet Cleaning Super-Giants: Mark Kennedy’s Proven System: Created for, And Used By, The Largest And Most Successful Carpet Cleaners On The Planet!

Reduce your risk in a Cleaning Business!

And the amount you Owe! Don’t you want the money in your pocket – not in the banks.

You know that cleaning business above that you saw for sale for $925,000

What if you could buy one for a lot less or even start one from scratch!

But now you are thinking there is so much I don’t know or will need to know! How much or how long will it take to learn.

What if there was a Dummies Guide to a Carpet Cleaning Business that had everything. Including:

  • Step by Step Guide to starting a Carpet Cleaning Business
  • How much to charge a Customer while making great Money
  • A 24/7 referal system that worked for You

That is where a Specially Developed 100% iron clad “You Will Success” 60 day Money back satisfaction Guarantee was Developed

Get a completive edge!

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  1. Why is this being sold? I would love to have my own business but I don’t know the first thing about cleaning carpets. You have done a great job on this article though and I realize that it is about more than the for sale sign that is posted. I like what you did here and you have done a lot of good work that is clearly evident.

  2. I have to admit that this is not how I expected anything to be posted for sale on the internet. You would think it would be mostly ads on Craig’s list or something but to do a blog is actually a very smart thing to do because you can offer more information than you can on a classified ad. Keep up the good work this is a great idea.

  3. For those persons who have some measure of trepidation about investing money into running a business – any business, it might be a good alternative to go to work for a carpet cleaning company. That way, you can just punch in and punch out without all the worry and time consuming responsibilities that come with running a service oriented business. My friend worked for a carpet cleaning company and made good money.

  4. If you have some money saved up that you have been looking to invest, it would seem to me that investing into a service oriented business is a heck of a lot less riskier than the stock market – that is, as long as you are willing to put in some sweat equity. I am not sure about the residential consumer market, but I’d say the commercial office building market is huge for this type of business.

  5. I once knew a guy who owned and ran his own janitorial businesses. He would service large office buildings after hours and part of his duties included the maintenance of floors which included carpeted floors. I worked with him on several occasions and I remember how impressed I was with his knowledge about stain removal. If I made good money working for him, it must have been lucrative for my friend, the owner.

  6. I have to admit that this is a first for me I had no idea that people were using this as a place to post things for sale. Or maybe that is just an example of what the article talks about but this actually is a great idea. I wonder if you could get by with this and continue to post things like you would on craig’s list but use a blog to do it.

  7. I know a guy who left a lucrative corporate career of 9 years to start his own business. He went through every emotion possible while making his decision. At times he felt like he had jumped out of an airplane with no parachute. Then he realized that carpet cleaning business was his parachute, back up chute and a balloon to help me rise to the top. The results achieved with the use of his products are amazing.

  8. I am trying to find ways to make money for a low cost. I live in and area where there is around 5 other carpet cleaning businesses. Basically I need to pay for gas, car insurance+phone =$70 and I don’t know how much being licensed and insured for the business would be. Basically if I get around 5-10 customers a month I’d be doing good.

  9. It seems to me that carpet cleaning is a business that will always be in demand. Most manufacturer warranties require that proper care and maintenance measures be followed. And second, good-quality carpeting is a huge investment. People are motivated to take care of their investments. So it makes sense to offer a service necessary for homes, hotels, schools, retail stores, commercial and industrial buildings. Plus, carpeting has routinely been installed in homes and commercial buildings since the 1960s.

  10. This must be a decent business to get into. If you are a hands on kind of person and you live near a downtown area, I can only imagine the potential gold mine that exists when you count all of the office buildings there are in a given district. I wonder what the annual income can be.

  11. I have been seeing these tv ads for the carpet cleaning company, Servo. They are pretty catchy commercials spots, but I suspect that this company is more of a carpet cleaning franchise. No way can a small sized company run national TV spots which is why I suspect it is a franchise. This opportunity on the other hand, is more of a local small business opportunity, but you can still find plenty of demand from the business community.