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Guidelines for Upholstery and Couch Cleaning

clean couchFurniture is expensive, particularly if it is upholstered.  Having a couch, chair, sofa, or loveseat that looks clean offers a welcoming spirit in the home.  Over time, couch will accumulate dirt and turn dull and dirty.  This thing normally happens but don’t ever give up. You are not supposed to buy furniture covers to hide those unwanted dirt and stains.  Appropriate couch cleaning will help maintain your upholstered furniture look new again.

It can be frustrating if members of the family continue to spill drinks and food on your couch.  They step on the couch with dirty shoes or even tear the fabric. However, it is not impossible to maintain the freshness of your upholstery. So here are the guidelines to follow:

Cleaning Guidelines

1. Check the kind of fabric

This is the first step for cleaning any kind of couch, carpet or upholstered furniture. Have the initial check of the type of fabric.  If the material is synthetic like nylon, polyester, or acrylic, then the material is safe for cleaning.  But, if the material is natural fabric, natural/synthetic blend, or poly/cotton, then have a spot testing first.  You need to try a small portion of the fabric to know if the product is safe to use or not.  Test, to find out it won’t smear, bleach, or destroy the fabric.  If the couch is 50% cotton, then professional cleaning for upholstery is the best option. This is true especially when removing big stains or the overall couch dirt.

2. Act immediately

Stains are fast to clean and remove when they are still fresh, so do something right away for the stain. Regardless of the kind of stain, the longer it sits in, the more difficult it is to treat.  Moisture is not good when you have couch or upholstery cleaning, so use little water as much as possible.  Use also a certain cleaner for better result.  Sanitary or baby wipes are significant for stain cleaning because they have soap and water and they vaporize fast.

3. Vacuum it often

It is the rule for cleaning fabric to vacuum it regularly.  So vacuum well down the back and cushions of your couch as often as you can.  Use brush that are soft and safe for fabrics.  Brush can loose dirt and soil.  Vacuum also has special attachments to use in reaching small corners of the couch.   Doing it often reduces the overall soiling and grime of the couch.  Vacuuming is beneficial if there are pets in your home and someone in the family has allergy.

4. Cleaning ink stains

Everyone has a pen that can mark the couch with ink, but how can this be removed?  Use a sprayhair and spray it no the clean towel then dab it on the ink stain. Dry and blot that stain with towel soaked in rubbing alcohol. Dry it again and put nail polish remover or acetone using clean towel.

5. Cleaning grease and oil

Couch receives grease and oil through the food you put on top of the couch when watching TV. For these stains, sprinkle baby powder, salt, or corn starch immediately.  Rub the stains carefully to absorb much of the grease and oil. When it turned dry, brush off the powder and all the grease dirt.  Finally, wipe the couch using a damp cloth.

Keep in mind that the secret to upholstery and couch cleaning is using the right method. Always have a check on the fabric and if in doubts, seek the advice of the nearest carpet cleaning provider in your local area.


(Flickr photo by PhotoAtelier)

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