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How to do Home Curtain Cleaning without Destroying Them

curtain cleaningNice curtains improve the ambience and the appearance of one’s home.  They enhance the living room, bed room, and every part of the house.  Creativity and artistic interest of the people living in the house is displayed through decorative curtains.

However, once curtains get soiled and create unclean smell, appearance starts to change.  What curtains need is cleaning and washing to restore their beauty and attractiveness.  Proper way of cleaning is done with specific guidelines to ensure you are not destroying the fabric.

Tips for Curtain Cleaning

  1.  The first step is to read carefully the cleaning instruction.  If the direction says it’s for dry cleaning, then do not attempt washing your curtains with water and liquid detergent.  Specific instructions are provided for good reasons.
  2. Take the curtains down and take out all rods, pins, and hooks.  If you have left a pin or a hook unknowingly, it will tear the curtains while washing them.  After removing them from walls and clearing them of hooks and pins, put the curtains inside the washing machine.
  3. When washing the curtains, they should be washed alone and not be joined with other laundry.  They need enough space for washing and moving inside the machine.  If you think washing machine can destroy them, then you can hand wash the curtains in your bathtub or sink.
  4. Use detergent to remove the hard dirt.  Most curtains are very delicate so it is advisable to only use detergent that is mild.  Avoid using or adding bleach.  If you want to hand wash your curtains, do it so, instead of spinning them in washing machine.
  5. The cycle you use for cleaning curtains is important for safe handling purposes.  Use same cycle when washing them and use proper load setup related to the weight and size of your curtains.
  6. After washing, hang them up to dry naturally.  You may dry them indoor or outdoor provided there is sufficient air for the proper drying.  Hanging them up for drying is most preferred than using the washing machine dryer.

Steam Cleaning and Professional Cleaning Method

Costly curtains need additional care and time for washing. Today, steam-cleaning is one of the best procedures used in cleaning expensive fabrics. It cleanses all the threads by means of removing dirt and dust attached to the curtains.  Therefore, it is recommended that expert cleaners do this complicated job.

Professional cleaners make use of the steam-cleaning process without necessarily removing the curtains.  The services of a third party will significantly save your time.  This alternative is best if you are too busy to wash and clean your curtains.

Expert cleaners have wide experience in handling drapes without damaging the fabric.  Many companies use protective coat substance to protect them from sunlight and dirt.  In the long run, it saves more money because there’s no need to change curtains often.

Basic instructions are the foundations of correct curtain cleaning.  Maintaining clean hangings will perfect the home’s internal beauty and attractiveness.  You can choose to clean your curtains by yourself or ask the help of the expert cleaners.  Either way, you can be sure you are improving the overall appearance and smell of your curtains.

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  1. I know it used to be very difficult to do because they were made out of this material that would literally fall apart if you threw them in the washing machine. However I think they have started making them out of more durable material now for that very reason. Other wise steam cleaning them is about the only thing I would dare do, or take them to a cleaner.

  2. While regular carpet cleaning by professionals is necessary to ensure your carpet leads a long and healthy life, most persons feel that if you just provide care and maintenance on your part, that alone can go a long way. One thing is certain: proper care and maintenance of your carpet will extend its useful life and preserve its appearance longer. Failure to maintain proper care will result in premature wear.

  3. My mom had these drapes in our old house that were extremely heavy and they couldn’t be just washed any old way they had to be dry cleaned so when she found a company that would do the carpet and the drapes she was extremely happy. I haven’t heard about this as far as a need sense the 80’s though so this was surprising.

  4. I agree that a set of high quality, stylish curtains are a major component of the dcor in a home, especially if you have invested in expensive curtains. Dust must be an inevitable part of living on planet Earth, so it is important for anyone who has dropped a lot of money on curtains to learn how to take care of them and keep them clean.