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Leather Cleaning: Tips on Car Seat Cover Cleaning

leather car seat cleaningHigh-end car manufacturers install leather seat cover on car to make it perfectly sophisticated in look. Leather is a porous natural material.  It can easily absorb perspiration, odor, dirt, oil, and grime.  If proper care and cleaning are not given the leather seat will prematurely look ugly and old.  There are two essential elements that may damage the leather seat—heat and sunlight.  Both will quickly result to damage causing the leather to crack or fray.  Therefore it needs careful handling and maintenance to keep the appearance always fresh.

Leather cleaning for the car seat depends on how often you drive the car and how long it is exposed to the sun. With these elements, you can decide to have your leather seat cleaned after three months.  This helps in retaining the good quality and appearance of the leather.  It needs attention and care otherwise it gets damaged if proper cleaning is not maintained.  If you have time constraints and you are not able to do the cleaning, then the role of specialist services can be relied on.

Cleaning Car Seats in Your House

  1. To get you started, you should begin the task by vacuuming entirely the interior part of the car.
  2. Get a sponge or white cloth.  Dip it into the water.  Wipe off the dirt, filth and residue you see on the seat.  Then with the clean towel, dry the surface of the leather.
  3. When you use leather cleaner, try it first on the hidden part of the seat. Use the sponge with the cleaner to be able to produce foam.  It is necessary to keep this foam for about 12 minutes before wiping it away using dry towel.
  4. After testing the area, leave it for 24 hours.  Go back and observe if there is staining.  If the leather’s color has not changed, then use that leather cleaner for the rest of the car seats.
  5. Do again the third step, this time on the bigger portion.  Always be sure that the foam will sit for twelve minutes and then wipe it off with a towel.
  6. Clean the surface areas of the leather including leather trim present in the car’s interior.  After testing the leather cleaner, repeat the same procedure to the hard stain of the car’s seat.
  7. Use leather moisturizer.    You may also spray the moisturizer on the leather sunscreen to have protective cover against dirt and dryness caused by the sun.

Some Cautions to Remember:

  1. When choosing a leather cleaning chemical, use only the ones recommended by the car manufacturer.  You may call up the dealer and get advice on the best product to use. Car companies produce leather seats made of the animal’s skin, and each kind of leather has a special type of cleaner.
  2. Don’t buy and use a cleaner that is wax-based or oil-based, or anything that has salt or acid content. Those ingredients are very harmful and will only destroy the car’s seats.  As needed, mix your own solution using 2 parts of linseed oil and 1 part of vinegar.

In time, the interior part of the car will eventually diminish.  That is why car seats, especially the leather ones, need early care to prolong its attractiveness and usefulness.  Cleaning can be accomplished in home using the above tips but carefulness is always needed in accomplishing the task.

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  1. I was actually thinking about getting some leather furniture and now that I know it is actually easier to clean then fabric I think spending the extra money on it in the first place is a good idea. Thank you for posting this information I am looking forward to getting my new furniture with my tax return now. Keep up the great work.

  2. We bought a coach a year ago that is half fabric and half leather so we have to have two different cleaning methods, luckily when we bought it we paid for them to treat it with stain resistant chemicals so that cleaning wouldn’t be so difficult when the time came. So far most everything comes off with water. Thank you for your post.

  3. I love our suede coach however a young girl drew on the seat cushion with an ink pen can you tell me how we’re supposed to get that out, we had the sofa treated before it was delivered will that help? I am so discouraged and probably should never have bought a suede sofa but it was so pretty I had to have it. Please respond to this post if you can help me.

    • Jackie the best option is really to get a professional in to clean it properly otherwsie you will be sorry in the long run.

  4. Leather is the easiest thing to clean isn’t it because if you have it pretreated it will just wipe right off won’t it? The ones I hate are the fabric that gets stained and it isn’t something that can be thrown in the washing machine so you have to do it by hand and more times then not the stain spreads instead of coming up. Thank you for your post.

  5. I have a leather chair that takes a lot of cleaning solution and conditioning when ever we clean it but I only do it once a year when spring cleaning rolls around so that isn’t to bad. I was looking for some cleaning solution that would be more eco friendly if that is possible can you lead me in the right direction, your article was perfectly timed.