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Mattress Cleaning: Keeping Your Beddings Free From Bugs and Dust Mites

dust mitesHow good it is to go to bed and sleep following a long day’s exhausting job! However, can you comfortably rest if your skin is itchy and you keep on scratching? Without awareness, plenty of dust mites can be present on your mattress.

Annoying skin itchiness and allergy are common skin problems.  Often, bed bugs and dust mites are the sources of this uncomfortable feeling. Some people use insect sprays to kill bugs and mites to permanently remove them.  But this way only gets rid of the insects found on the surface of the mattress.  Spraying eliminates temporarily those creatures leaving unhealthy smell inside the room.  Specialty bug sprays can only treat the insects lightly because the treatment is not long-term.

Unfortunately, mites and bed bugs go into the deepest part of the mattress.  Killing only those hiding on surface area is not even solving the problem.  Other dust mites will go again on the surface and bite your skin.  Thorough cleaning should be accomplished.

Mites and the Cold Season

Due to the cold season, mattress cleaning is very important. Often, bugs thrive on mattress making it their home.  Human skin becomes their food, unfortunately.  Because of cold weather, things become moistened which, of course, include bed mattress.  Fungus and bugs are attracted to dampness where they grow rapidly in number and become threat to the people.

Hiring a mattress cleaning company will put the new condition of your mattress making it fresh and bug-free.  They use special chemicals that kill harmful mites but harmless to human respiratory system, eyes, and skin.  You can safely sit or lie down on the bed because it produces no foul smell.  The solution is secured to use without giving negative reactions to humans.  Today, there are ecologically-friendly cleaning solutions.  Most cleaning companies use it rather than using the chemically-based cleansers.  They can make all portions of your mattress free from dusts, mites, fungi, and bugs.

Unfortunately, mites and dust can reappear after treatment.  They can build up again and it is really unavoidable except when get the services of an expert cleaner once in a while.  Regular mattress cleaning dispels damaging substances.  As a result, you can experience sound sleep without necessarily exasperating mites biting your skin.

Treatment Done by Professionals

For immediate and suitable solution, you can get and hire experienced mattress cleaners.  They have the expertise in dealing with mites even with the other problems associated with mattress cleaning.  Professionals can make sure that you won’t get inflicted with issues connected to mites and bacteria.

Dust mites stay on the flakes of the skin.  These flakes are shed by the human body plus the crumbs of food you allow to stay on the bed.  In addition, the fecal of mites produce problems on the mattress causing people to become sick.

People with allergies or respiratory problems must have their beddings cleaned by servicing professionals.  Chemicals eradicate the traces of fungus targeting the breeding ground of mites. It is always crucial that people should take care of their mattress properly for healthy living; otherwise, you will lie on the bed with dust mites crawling all over your body.

Everybody understands the value of hygienic and clean mattress to obtaining sound sleep.  Who could better clean those mattresses than the experts with years of experience giving excellent services to homes and hotels!

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  1. I have always found this to be very difficult to do because it isn’t something that you can just fold up and throw in the washing machine so this was a very helpful article. I’ve a couple of mattresses that I am going to do this to because I have had them for years and there has been no cleaning of them at all. Thank you for the blog post I look forward to more.

  2. Is this just a topical spray that they use or is there some way that they can submerge the mattress in something to get to the deepest part of the mattress or do they make a hole in it or something? I just can’t see how you can deep clean a mattress if you can’t get to the inside. How do they clean mattresses that you buy at a second hand store or do they?

    • We use a high powered mattress vacuum cleaner and do both sides of the mattress. It takes approx 20 to do.

  3. Mattress cleaning is a hard thing to get right that is one of the reasons that my husband and I went to a sleep number bed, one of those that is air that can be adjusted with a button, it is much easier to get inside the mattress and give it a good cleaning. Your article was great thank you for posting it because it reminded me that I need to do that.

  4. Dust mites and scabies and bed bugs are a scary thing to me. It gives me the willies to think that there are mites always feeding off our skin particles – and there is little that we can do about it other than keeping the place well vacuumed and cleaned. I have a phobia about insects & mites, so this is not something I take lightly.